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If you are reading this report right now, I believe it is safe to make two assumptions:

1. You are interested in making money on the Web
2. You know what a traffic exchange program is

If this is true you might want to skip the next few paragraphs and get to the main topic of this report; i.e. what a splash page is and why you should be using these tools in your traffic exchange promotions.

On the other hand, if you are really new to all this you may wish to read the rest of this introduction.

Ok you haven't skipped so you must be new to the world of Internet marketing, or at least new to the concept of traffic exchanges. Great I love teaching new people!

Only you know your reasons for coming to the Web in search of income opportunities. Maybe you have your own retail product and you are looking for new buyers, or maybe you are an entrepreneur who is promoting a business opportunity to other entrepreneurs.

Whatever you are selling, you surely know that your website needs plenty of traffic in order to generate any sales. And one great way to drive loads of free traffic to any site is through traffic exchange programs.

This report is not intended to be a traffic exchange guide but I do want to be sure you have at least a basic understanding of what these programs are because splash pages are tools that are specifically designed to work with traffic exchanges. So

A traffic exchange is a membership program where affiliate marketers and website owners literally trade page views with each other. You just open an account, enter your site or affiliate links into the traffic rotation, and then you surf through the pages of other members in order to generate credits, which are then spent on visitors to your own pages.

So you look at other peoples websites and in return the traffic exchange program sends visitors to your website.

This is a great system but there is one thing you need to understand: The people who will be viewing your website are doing so in an effort to earn traffic for their own sites, and the more sites they view the more traffic they will earn

So the visitors you get from a traffic exchange will be in a hurry! You will only have a few seconds to capture a visitor's attention and pull them into your offer, and that's where the idea of a Splash Page comes into play.

What Is A Splash Page

A splash page is a fast loading, short, and compelling web page that is built for one reason to grab the attention of people who are in a hurry and get them to STOP and have a closer look at your offer.

People who are surfing traffic exchange programs are moving fast. They are viewing as many sites as possible in an effort to generate more traffic for their websites, so in order for your page to stand out you need something special.

A five page website is not going to have much of an impact (most of the time) an a traffic exchange surfer, and neither is a page with one of this mile-long sales letters. So if you are an affiliate marketer who is promoting a corporate site, or if youre an info-marketer who is selling an e-book from a long sales page you need a specialized weapon to really get the most out of traffic exchange promotion.

This special weapon is a splash page.

Let me give you a visual example of how this all works. Let's take my Splash Page Maker website for example.

Here is the link to my main sales page: (opens in a new window)

The sales page above is nice, but it's too long for the average surfer. Traffic exchange users will only stay on your page until the surf time runs out (just 10 to 30 seconds!) so you need to make your point FAST.

So here is a splash page I use to promote the longer sales page above: (opens in a new window)

As you can see it's sharp, short, and sweet! You get the entire message as soon as you glance at the page and you are then invited to open the main sales page in a new window to learn more.

This is the perfect example of how splash page promotion should work. Get a surfer's attention and then pull them to your main page.

Why Should You Use A Splash Page?

Once they arrive at your main sales page in this manner they are coming because they are interested in learning more, so there is a good chance they will take you up on your offer. Splash pages have been tested over and over again, and they have been proven to improve results with traffic exchanges many times over! So this is really a no-brainer. If you want solid results with traffic exchanges you need to start using splash pages right now!

Special Note

Another tool you have probably heard about is a "Squeeze Page". The difference in a splash and a squeeze is superficial.

Basically a squeeze page is a web page with an opt-in form on it that allows you to collect subscribers for your mailing list instead of directing people to click on a link and view your main offer in a new window.

You can easily add an email form right on your splash pages and go from pulling people to your main landing page to bringing more people to your mailing list. All you have to do is copy and paste the HTML for your autoresponder and presto  your own squeeze page page.

Basic Elements Of A Good Splash Page

The basic elements of every successful splash page are the same, and can be summed up in this brief section.

1. You need to make a strong visual impact
2. You need to get to the point quickly
3. You need to brand yourself with a company logo or personal photo
4. You need to give the surfer a clear call to action

And that's all there is to it. Look again at my sample splash page: (opens in a new window)

Its attractive and grabs your attention right away.

It makes my marketing point in about five seconds.

It brands my website logo.

It tells you to "Click Here Now To Get Started".

Start applying this very simple technique to your traffic exchange promotions right now and your results will improve exponentially.

How To Build Your Own Splash Page

There are two ways to get rolling today with your own splash page. There's the old fashioned way and then there's the easy way (covered in the next section).

Since a splash page is a type of web page, you'll need the following to create these tools yourself.

1. A domain name for your own website - $10 per year
2. A hosting account for your domain - $10-20 per month
3. A good HTML editor or professional designer to build your pages for you possibly hundreds of dollars!

There is nothing wrong with going about this the old fashioned way if you have the time, skills, and extra money to invest. But for an affiliate or network marketer who doesn't have a lot of money in the bank or a load of technical knowledge for bulding their own websites there is a better way

The Easy Way To Create Great Looking Splash Pages

With my Splash Page Maker system you don't need any web design skills at all to create stunning, effective splash pages. And you can use our quick and easy splash maker to create and host multiple splash pages for less than 10 bucks per month!

You can even use this system to generate your own list-building squeeze pages by simply copying and pasting your responder code right into the text box our system gives you! Why do things the hard way when there is such a cool, easy to use system available right now?

As an added bonus, you can even earn extra money by telling other marketers about Splash Page Maker through our built in affiliate program. How's that for a cool additional benefit?

Check out Splash Page Maker today and start improving your traffic exchange results BIG TIME! (opens in a new window)


My online business continues to grow every day. And a lot of my success can be attributed to the proper use of traffic exchanges and splash page promotion.

Join me and others like me who are enjoying the rewards of Internet marketing by taking advantage of my Splash Page Maker system today.

To your success,

Stephane Tourigny

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